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Swagbucks Review--High Earnings or Time Wasted

Overall Ranking: 6.5 out of 10
Price: Free
Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi


Swagbucks is a rewards program where you can earn Swagbucks (their virtual currency) for simple tasks, playing games, answering third party surveys, and simply searching the Internet. There are over 10 ways in which to earn Swabucks, and most of these ways
you do already on your computer, like searching for example. This currency can then be traded in for gift cards to various vendors like Amazon, or even real currency through PayPal. 

Swagbucks: The Upsides and the Downsides

The Upsides
  • You can earn Swagbucks for things that you normally do on the computer
  • It is free to join
  • You get 30 Swagbucks just for joining
  • It is now available for use on your mobile devices
  • You can spend your Swagbucks with giftcards to various popular retailers, or for real cash through PayPal
  • You can earn Swabucks rewards by shopping with the Swagbucks site from major vendors such as Walmart
  • You can earn up to 1000 Swagbucks by refering others

The Downsides
  • The entire site is completely driven by advertising. Watching any of their short Videos you have to watch an advert. Playing games is the same way. 
  • The Surveys from third parties can be very hit and miss to qualify and complete surveys. You can get an allotted amount of Swagbucks for completing a survey, but not if you don't qualify for one reason or another. 
  • Searching is probably the quickest way to build Swagbucks, but Swagbucks are randomly dolled out and in varying amounts. The higher amounts are certain to be few and far between. 
  • Swagbucks build slowly unless you really work at it.


  • Do you do a lot of online searching?
  • Do you watch Youtube Videos, Vimeo or other vidoes online?
  • Do you want to earn rewards for shopping online from major vendors, even ones that don't have their own rewards programs?
  • Do you shop online?
  • Do you play games on your computer?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Swagbucks wants you.


Site navigation and how to earn Swagbucks is very easy to follow within the site. Most things are quite straightforward. Within their website you will find tutorial videos that will explain the system and how to earn Swagbucks.


Swagbucks has quite a large Facebook and Twitter presence. If you do have issues or need help, you can email customer support within the site. 


Both the Web and Mobile versions are free at this writing, but the Mobile version is more limited in scope then their website.


  1. Swagbucks is a legitimate program and you can earn. 
  2. The amount you can earn seems to be quite limited.  If you're on your lunch break, play a few games, do a few searches and earn some Swagbucks. But to make a work at home income,  Swagbucks would fall short in that arena. 
  3. It is a slow build to earn, but because  Swagbucks is a safe and legitimate program, I will recommend Swagbucks. It can be fun to use as well. 


Overall Ranking: 6.5 out of 10
Price: Free
Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi
Limited Earning Potential

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