Getting Started

Are you looking for ways to make money on-line?

Are you looking for the ONE method to making that money?

Are you ready to listen to one more Hard-Luck-Rags-To-Riches-Story with a Happy Ever After Ending and that Happy Ending is a fatter and fatter bank account that keeps swelling by the minute?

Are you ready to read one more Testimonial from Mr. D. about how quickly Program $$$ turned his life around, saved his marriage, saved his house, and now he has 4 cars, and a beach house on Island X? Oh, and I forgot that he did it all in his pyjamas.

Are you ready to press one more EASY BUTTON to have free access to an exclusive back office that, for only $$$ and probably more $$$, will have the money rolling in for you all on AUTO-PILOT?

Well. You are here reading this, so either you found this by pure luck, or you have run into these systems, and guess what? You are still looking. That's OK, I didn't find a system like the ones above that worked either.

From my experience:

  • Auto-pilot systems are what keep planes on course. 
  • STAPLES owns the only EASY BUTTON, and they sell it.
  • Mr. D, was either paid to write the testimonial, or he is PART of the business.
  • And every GURU out there starts with a rags-to-riches story. If you read HIS story backwards, you may confuse it with an old Country and Western song lyric ;)
  • For every legitimate program, there is probably tens or even hundreds more that make these type of claims, and yes, they are more than likely SCAMS. 
Yes, I tried some of these systems, but I was also lucky. I was aware that there were hoards of scam sites that prey on people to simply get them to open their wallets. I wouldn't open mine, but I would test  them to see if there was anything to their program. 

The majority of the sites or programs that I did test either went nowhere, had up-sells galore to get you on their FAST TRACK, or just plain didn't work. Some, even though I wasn't scammed, turn out to be plain SCAMS.  I found this out by researching the program through other sources. 

Many programs are legitimate, but either have very limited earning potential, or are just WAY too time consuming to gain any benefit from. Some are very expensive to get started with, and still others have such high competition within their systems to make a success of them unless you are very lucky, creative, or a marketing wizard in your own right. 

If I've Tried It, Tested It, I'll be Talking About It here.

That is what I will be doing here, TALKING ABOUT IT. 

But why?

My reasons are simple-- If I can:
  • Save someone, anyone, hopefully YOU weeks, months, or even years of frustration by simply trying to earn an income from the Internet and getting nowhere
  • Provide accurate information or recommendations on programs to help you decide which programs are worth considering, or ones that you should steer away from
  • Give you an overview of any program (my TALKING ABOUT IT) to help you decide what programs you may want to get into by making an informed decision
  • Offer help for anyone through this site
  • Steer you away from blatant SCAMS
That's the purpose of Tried It, Tested It, Talking About It, in a nutshell. So instead of wasting any more of your time, let's get started. 

After all, that's what this page is titled!

Talking About It -- Getting Started

If I had started leaning anything about starting an on-line business, or building websites, or internet marketing with the site that I am going to share with you in a moment, I personally would have saved myself a lot of frustration from the get go. Now, instead of spending a huge amount of time trying to make the newest program I've joined work for me, I am really learning the right way to create and start my own business on-line. So now, instead of trying to copy-cat the latest foolproof system, I am now fully enrolled, immersed, and utilizing everything that this site has to offer. 

Yes, I'm back in school. A very specialized "school" that focuses on making your efforts a success. But Wealthy Affiliate University is more than just a "school" for internet marketing newbies, it is also a business that you can market yourself as an affiliate if you choose to. This aspect is also taught in a clear learn-by-doing format. 

So what makes Wealthy Affiliate University any different from other sites?

I could go on for a fortnight talking about the differences of WA from any other internet business site that I have participated in. I am going to do a full review of WA in its own post in the very near future. So, instead of listing point after point of why WA should be your go to site, I will show you instead. Just click on the image below, and it will take you to a page on WA that provides complete walk through video of  Wealthy Affiliate University. I recommend that you watch the video when you take the jump.

Did you happen to notice another subtle difference with Wealthy Affiliate University from any other program? Hint--the difference wasn't within the video itself. The real difference is that I was able to share the the page and video with you directly from Wealthy Affiliate on my site (You do have to me a member to share stuff). Just about every resource at WA is shareable to use on Social Media Sites, Personal Blogs, Business Websites, even via email. What other program out there lets you do this? I can't think of any.

"How can WA really benefit Me?"

There are many directions that you may personally take by working on-line to make a business for yourself. Things like Niche Marketing, Building Websites for sale (Flipping), Affiliate marketing, Marketing your own Products or Virtual Products. These are just examples of the business directions that you may want to target for your own business. 

So how can WA help you when the there are so many diverse choices in making a business for yourself. One very big benefit is that you can join WA with a free membership for as long as you like. If WA was a car dealership, you can basically walk in and ask to do a test drive and then return to the dealership weeks or months later and decide to buy the car, or not. WA offers the most resources for free members that I have seen in any other program. 

If you spend $0.00 and join as a free member, here is what to expect:

  • Lots of training
    • Certification Courses and Bootcamp Courses are just two examples, and these courses have 10 lessons with companion videos for each lesson. 
    • Classrooms with a high volume of interaction and discussion
    • Tutorials
    • Video Classes
  • Two FREE Websites
    • Real fully functional Word Press Sites. You may want to visit Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art, which is my art resources site that I'm building from what I learn at WA and is hosted by WA
    • These Websites are hosted by WA and are optimized for on-line businesses (they are not pre-built-cookie-cutter web pages that you cannot modify like some programs offer)
  • Help everywhere
    • There are tens of thousands of members at WA and many, many of them are Professional Marketers that are willing to help you with your business success.
    • Large active Forum
    • Social interaction by following others and others following you. If you do get stuck on a specific topic, pose the question to your WA network.
How's that for a Test Drive, and you won't have the salesman tapping at his watch, shaking his head because you had the car for so long. If you work through this, you will have a viable on-line business up and running with your content with your business direction. Imagine what you can do with the Premium Membership. With the Free Membership you test drove the Caddy, with the Premium membership you're getting the Lamborghini -- Yes, WA offers that much more in benefits -- Way more than I can mention here.

Just click on the Screen Cap below and fill out the form to start your free membership.
There's no waiting once you fill out your details, you will have instant access to Wealthy Affiliate University and its vast community.

The one thing you will not find with Wealthy Affiliate is an Easy Button Method to fill your wallet fast. You will find a large supportive community that will help you every step of the way. But no Easy Button. 

See you on the inside. My user name with WA is Foxxfyrre.

If you have any questions about Getting Started or Wealthy Affiliate, just drop a comment below and I'll be glad to help. 

Frank aka Foxxfyrre
Tried It, Tested It, Talking About It
Keeping you safe in the Wild Wild Web.

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