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I have been in the hospitality industry all my working career. I have worked almost every position within the industry, from bartender to managing night clubs, to upper management of hotels to General Manager.

As I grew older, I realized that I wanted to slow down and get out of the rat-race, so currently I am a Catering Manager for a smaller hotel. I love what I do, but I also know that as I retire out of the industry, I will still want to be working at something, and I know that financially I will want to maintain some income.

I have always been a technology nut. As far back as I  can remember, I was drawn to anything technological, especially if it seemed to have a futuristic edge to it. I think I can blame science fiction for that, because I'm still a sci-fi nut as well. When Personal Computers came out, it was one band-wagon that I just had to jump on. CompuServe, America Online, yep had to get those accounts. Now my Tandy 1000 SX and my 300 baud modem had me really connected. Then Telus came out with its own internet account and now my computer morphed into a Compac Pressario with a 2400 baud modem. I could now open pre-WWW pages in minutes. It was wonderful. It still is, no matter how many morphs my computer has taken.

My love with the internet, computer, or anything techie has never waned. Through the years of being online for entertainment, blogging, or further developing my art skills, I knew that I wanted to find the means to earn an income online. I was always aware that there were all sorts of scams or other shady programs that passed themselves off as work at home type programs, but I wasn't aware of how vast and wide spread these are. I was careful though, I never lost money to a scam type program nor would I pursue working with these type of programs.When I started pursuing working in this industry, I did sign into many 'empty promise' programs that went nowhere fast, but I never bought or paid into them. The only thing I did gain with these programs is a pretty busy spam folder.

My journey with trying to make a home business on the internet is what motivated me to start this blog. If I've Tried It, Tested It, I sure will be Talking About It here. I hope that this blog will help you avoid some of the scams that are out there, and if you are looking to start your own Work at Home internet business, that the legitimate programs that I have Tested, and will be Talking About, help you on your endeavour.

Glad you stopped in, and feel free to contact me or drop a comment below.


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